ProQuant – Your FREE Crypto Trading Robot

Build and follow robo trading strategies from your smartphone. No coding required. ProQuant is FREE and very easy to use.

Run your first strategy in just 3 minutes:

1️⃣ Install ProQuant on your iPhone or Android phone.

2️⃣ Choose strategies from the library or build custom strategies with our advanced tools.

3️⃣ Test them in simulation mode with virtual money.

4️⃣ Connect to Binance with an API key. Many more exchanges are coming soon: HitBTC, Huobi, Bitmex to name a few.

5️⃣ Run and monitor the strategy.

Behind the easy to use app is a powerful cloud-based engine with huge computing power. You can build, optimize, test and run your own strategies without coding, using the full suite of tools:

✅ Strategy generator – generates and backtests thousands of strategies per minute.

✅ Custom builder – lets you define your own entry and exit rules based on technical indicators.

✅ Monte Carlo simulation – to generate more rotransbust strategies.

✅ Optimizer – automatically adjusts take profit, stop loss values as well as indicator parameters for optimal results.

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